Growth recession is how Fed can fight inflation

The federal funds rate is the only interest rate the Fed directly controls. A negative,.

Fed’s James Bullard says other countries won’t wipe tariffs with the US

In terms of tariffs, the European Union has in fact been a bigger offender than.

‘Respect’ the bond market and what it’s trying to tell us

Fresh interest rate hikes by the central bank prompts changes to the short end of.

Fed’s Barkin says US interest rates need to rise further

The U.S. economy is strong enough to warrant further interest rate increases by the Federal.

Jamie Dimon ‘knows what he is talking about’ on danger warnings

In late September 2017, the Federal Reserve outlined its plan to reduce the size of.

Stock market summer sell-off is a risk too big to ignore

Supercharged U.S. economic growth is distracting too many investors from the real dangers of a.

 ‘A storm is brewing’ in the US economy, says economist Diane Swonk

Even if there isn’t a full-blown trade war, the uncertainty surrounding tariffs can hurt the.

Worsening trade war would be single biggest issue for Fed officials

“I think that’s the big conundrum and I think that’s what Chairman Powell has basically.

Best the Fed can do for Trump is to hold inflation down

The unit labor costs (wages minus labor productivity) in the fourth quarter of last year.

‘Tightening now hurts all that we have done’

Fed officials, including Chairman Jerome Powell, have raised interest rates twice this year and have.