Wendy McElroy: Free-Market Law Enforcement for Crypto

News The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations.Section 4: State Versus SocietyChapter 9, Part.

Bitcoin in Brief: Crypto Payments via SMS, Coin Tips for Tweets and Posts

The Daily Financial software developer Intuit has been awarded a patent for processing BTC payments.

Japan Unveils Results of On-Site Inspections of 23 Crypto Exchanges

Regulation The Japanese financial regulator has finished the on-site inspections of 23 cryptocurrency exchanges. The.

Huge Demand for ‘P2P’ Crypto Trading Seen in India After RBI Ban

Exchanges Exchange-escrowed trading directly between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers is growing in popularity in India.

Iran Steps Up Plan for National Crypto After US Sanctions

Economy & Regulation Right after Washington’s move to impose sanctions that will restrict Iran’s access.

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for Off-Chain BTC

Technology & Security This week an individual revealed he had completed the first trustless swap.

Apocalyptic Predictions About Privacy Coins Are Very Wide of the Mark

Op-Ed Bitcoin is a permissionless ledger. In plain English, that means you don’t need to.

The Daily: Ledger Adds Coins, Okex Launches Coinall, Exmo Partners with Mistertango

The Daily Covered in The Daily on Friday are several announcements crypto users may find.

Ecobank Report Finds Significant Presence of Crypto in 36 African Countries

Emerging Markets A report published by the pan-African bank, Ecobank Transnational Inc., has found that.

The ICO Market Has Hit the Brakes

Crowdfunding The ICO economy succumbed to a dramatic decline in Q2 of this year. Such.